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Brisbane Waters, Fat Flathead


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G'day Fellow Raiders, 

Just a quick report on this mornings voyage to the rip bridge (St Huberts side)

My friend Fiona (Fi) was keen for a putt in the boat before she had to go to work, which gave us about 2 hours on the water.

We took the Humdinghy (my boat) to orange grove boat ramp and away we went trying to waste no time. On our travels we saw a police boat getting information from another boat as we putted along with my little 6 horse power, and then ZOOM! off the police boat went straight out under the bridge and towards box head, passed us like we were standing still..Hopefully everyone is okay.?

After another 10 minutes of cruising we hit our spot, dropped anchor, cracked a cheeky beer, baited up and away we went. Fi thought she'd try her luck with a squid jig, sadly nothing was taking it. My first few casts brought in a few tiddlers (bream, snapper, trumpeter) you know the usual annoying fish, and then I hooked into a pretty decent snapper which was great fun on 10lb mono zzzzzzz went the drag haha. After a few minutes I brought him in and he was just on legal, I thought maybe in another year you'll be ready, so I let him swim free. 

Fi finally got her rig ready (paternoster Rig) through a bit of tailor on and out it went. At this point I was boasting about the snapper and a few other fish I had caught, then Fi cut me short......ZZ, ZZZZZZ, ZZZZ, She was into something big. The fight was weird, almost like a big flathead with a shoe attached to it. Fi fought the mystery fish for about 10 mins trying to exhaust the fish before bringing it up to the boat. Finally the head came up, it was a huge flatty. As she brought it up to the boat I put the net around it and brought it in. On closer inspection she had hooked the flathead in the bum!!! I almost fell over backwards!!! hahaha!! absolute wrongtown! haha

This was a big big flathead, not in length, but just overall FAT! The flathead only went about 65cm, but it was 11cm wide! This thing had been chowin' down the last few months! Usually we let the bigger ones go however, being the only flathead we have caught in a few weeks, we decided to keep it for dinner.

We got 4 big beautiful steak fillets off it and the flesh is a beautiful white colour! Very keen for tonights dinner!

Anyway, Thanks for reading Raiders I hope you got a little bit of enjoyment out of my report. Tight Lines!

Regards, itscaca.


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Any sized flathead tastes good if you realise the thinner tail piece is going to cook quicker than the main body. A whole fillet on a fish that size changes thickness greatly from its body down to the the tail. I always cut any flatties up into even sized pieces and cook the tail pieces for shorter time. And if I'm  cooking a whole flattie, i always run the knife down its back, either side of the spine, down to the ribcage, for the length of the ribcage. Allows the whole fish to cook evenly so that by the time the body is cooked, the tail isn't overdone and dry. 

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Yeah they were defiantly harassing a few people...thank god they didn’t come after the humdighny.

Yeah I usually fillet my flatheads and cut them into 4 smaller steaks, 2 small tail steaks and 2 thick tummy steaks...big NO NO over cooking such a beatiful fish haha

Cheers raiders, Itscaca

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