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Another cracker trevally out of the cooks river (59cm)


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Hey raiders,

Took a quick break after my maths final today for a flick down the cooks river.

Was middle of the rising tide and quickly realised that the jigs I had on me weren't going to cut it.. I usually use size 2 jigs and the heaviest I had on me was 1/16 which just wasn't getting anywhere near the bottom.

Scrounged around in my fishing bag and found a small pack of tiny size 10 jigs 1/8oz, thought why the hell not, cut my 2.5" grub in half to make it fit and was off to the races.

2nd cast and got hit on the drop and reel started screaming. Called it for a trevally from the headshakes but thought it may have been a soapy from the runs. Some of you might remember my 60cm trev on 6lb a while back, this fella fought a hell of a lot harder that's for sure!


Learned my lesson last time with a 35 min release so after a few quick pics made sure to get him back in the water asap. Got him to kick off after about 10 mins. The bigger fish on the lighter gear really get buggered from the longer fights.


Great way to finish the day off after cramming maths, cooks still has a few gems it seems!!


Tight lines


Vanford 2500 8lb braid 8lb leader

Zodias 4-8lb

Pumpkin seed grub cut in half, size 10 jig






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16 minutes ago, Yowie said:

Nice fish. The bigger fish on light line take longer to pull in, hence the longer time to revive them for release. Don't give up. 

Thanks yowie.

Yep, that was my understanding as well, I treat all my catches with care and it takes however long it takes to get them going again

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22 minutes ago, dunc333 said:

well done berrero cracker river trev ,they luv a good tussle .would of been fun on 8lb cheers dunc33e

Took me for a decent walk that's for sure

Love catching them great fighters

Just sometimes throw me for decent flatties with the quick headshakes especially at the start of fights

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9 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

Thats a horsie trev for sure. Good on you for letting her swim to fight another day.

Thats about as big as they get in Sydney ! not sure what size the fishraider record currently stands

Thanks mate. Record stands at 70cm currently with a fair few over the 60 mark, still a while off yet 😛


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I love this report Berrero, the way that you have set up the situation and the attention to detail re the rig. It certainly would have been a heart pumping fight with that fish. Well done young fella. bn

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