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Georges river jewfish


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Saw kingie chasers post yesterday evening and decided to head for a jewie session in the river before the next few days of wet soggy weather. Tide was good with hightide at 10.31pm, and my goal before I left the house was to catch a 80-90cm Jew which is perfect eating size for me. not too big & then head in.

Dropped the kayak into the river at 9ish and immediately had problems with my nav lights not working, after the trusty whack and checking & tweaking with the connection they were up and running. I headed over to my reliable drop-off I threw my anchor out by around 9.45. the rods I brought this time are a light TD black paired with a 2500 stradic, 10lb braid main line & 20lb leader so I can have some fun on some sopaies if there around. I also brought my usual jew & king setup which is a medium-heavy terez with a stradic 5k spooled with 20lb braid and 20lb leader. I was quite shocked to see the water temp right on 27c.

My rigs are sinkers heavy enough to let the bait stay near the bottom, both rods have a 9/0 and 7/0 twin hook rig and my basic plan is to open bail arm every here n there to allow the bait drift with the current for 5 or so minutes, close the bail arm and let it sit for abit and repeat. tonight's bait was the trusty whole fresh squid.

had my bait out for about half and hour, I open my bail arm to let some line out and within 5 second I see some line peeling off from 2 bites so I close the bail arm, grab the rod and strike, after multiple good runs and a nice fight under the kayak I eventually net a 80cm jew. I dispatch the fish and pull up anchor to head in. 


I decide to drive over to tom uglys bridge to clean the fish because there were too many mozzies to deal with up Revesby way. 


Also, the whole time I was fishing, there was a white half cabin fiberglass boat ashore walking through the mangroves gathering something, they also stopped along the shoreline in multiple spots along the river bank. I suspect illegal fishing because of their lack of lights and how stealthy they were acting. Didn't see and rego stickers on the boat ether, but it was pitch black and  didn't bring any headtorch. 



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2 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Jew fish cutlets for lunch. Yum.

Looking foward to dinner!


2 hours ago, jenno64 said:

Congrats on a nice jew from a short and sweet session; sounds like you have it all covered!

cheers mate!

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19 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great report and nice Jewie.

The other boat were probably drug smuglers ?


nothing will surprise me haha

19 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice Jew mate. Great stuff, maybe the other boat had nav light problems as well, at least that is what they would claim their light situation to be.


19 hours ago, Yowie said:

Another nice fish.

If you are walking through the swamp, middle of the night, no lights, you are usually up to no good.

cheers Yowie!

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On 1/18/2022 at 3:46 PM, Isaac Ct said:

Nice Jew mate. Great stuff, maybe the other boat had nav light problems as well, at least that is what they would claim their light situation to be.

Everyone knows when the cops come all you need to say is I'm waiting for a mate.😉

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12 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Always report suspect activity raiders. 

The creature that is now in custody for the murder of the young girl recently was trying to take a barrel on a boat at the Hawkesbury to drop off into the depths. The boat would not start apparently. 

On another note the Cooks River is another area that is dangerous in the early morning. There are rowers that practise along there and they have NO lights on their vessels. It would be very easy to run into these people. They do not like to be alerted to the fact either. 
Sorry to hijack this thread. 

Back to the post and good catch @Restyle

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4 hours ago, Mike Sydney said:

Great stuff @Restyle I love getting these reports from after dark. Some great jewies lately, keep it up. 

if you’re ever keen for a land based night session I’d love help getting on my first Jew (I dropped one a couple weeks back in the cooks).

hey mate, I've been a bit unreliable on land based jewfish in the Georges & still trying out new spots along the rivers to find one that suits my style of fishing for jewies better. Id be more and happy to give you some spots that I've had myself or mates hook up on in pm though

you are one the right path it sounds like, even though you dropped the fish, which sucks but, many wish to at least hook up.

if you'd like ill link you the original post I've just updated documenting my quest to catch these fish more regularly and the tactics I've used to catch them in the Georges. I don't think I've ever wet a line in the cooks though.


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