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Snapper on the bite off Sydney Heads


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After a great day yesterday on the Kingies, the plan was to go again today BUT, the wind was horrible-  WSW of 20-30 knots and 1.5 m swell, so backed up with plan B - snapper in the washes under North Head cliffs.

God was good and we boated over 20, but only kept the bigger ones. Also a stray leatherjacket and Blue Mowie. Also bagged some big slimies for baits and BIG Yakkas, at first we thought they were little Kingies - if these ever grew as big as kingfish, I reckon they would fight harder (but not as dirty, which makes Kingies so much fun). (Secret bait in my hand behind snappers tail.



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On 6/22/2022 at 9:25 PM, Larkin said:

Nice feed bob!

Along with the yellow bendy thing, what else were you using for bait on those reds?

All fish were caught on fresh slimy mackerel and Yakka fillets caught at Canae Pt.

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14 hours ago, Pickles said:

Welcome anytime Sam, just let me know.

Your the best. I’ll send you a pm, see if there’s room for one during the school holiday as I’ll be taking a few days off work🙏🙏😉

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