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Winter Trevally!


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Good Evening Raiders,

Went down to Mosman again and fished of the little bay at 2pm today. Decided to throw out a bloodworm coloured paddle tail first. First cast and I hook a stick which I thought was a snag after untying the stick On the second, I decided to cast next to two big wooden poles, two twitches and then a bite. After a 3rd twitch my line was suddenly pulled out and I managed to hook up on a legal silver Trevally. After that I fished around the bay and then onto the ferry wharf. I then switched to a vibalicious which usually got me a flathead or two but no luck. It was getting late and at 4Pm I switched back to the same paddletail and managed to land a just legal flathead!

The blackfish are also coming out now as I saw a 35-40cm ish one roaming about on the weedbeds. 


Silver Trevally- 45cm

Dusky Flathead- 37cm









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Nice catches Albert, that's dinner for you if your family eats fish!

Bet you the trev kept you on your toes. Last time I got one at 45cm it was whizzing around like a maniac leaving me wondering what it was that had eaten my lure (wasn't expecting to see one that far up the Parra).

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Thanks everyone, I wanted to leave the Trevally for another fisho to fight as it gave me a pretty thumping good one, I released both of the fish because I wasn’t that bothered to take them either :)

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Hi Albertw, great to see that your keenness is paying dividends for you. A couple of nice fish targeted, using the skills and knowledge learnt from your time with DerekD. His efforts certainly pay off when the students are as keen as you are. Keep up the effort young fella. bn

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