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Monster Flathead


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You're not a midget are you? :yahoo:

Magnificent crocs there sir and well done on the JW Blue. I would be sipping on it right now with a pic like that in front of me. You'd better keep up the SC trip tradition as they are truly memorable fish!

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Thanks for all your comments guys....yeah she was awesome and far too good to kill.....

I have been chasing these girls for about 10 years now...at first I didnt have a clue what I was doing and hardly caught any but of late have been getting these big girls more consistently....

This one is my 5th over 90cm and have landed a 92, 93, 95 and 84 in my last 3 trips.....they are not as rare as many people think....some say a fish of a life time but if you know what takes their fancy they can be caught with some time put in.

this site is the most friendly forums I have seen...thanks again for your comments and nice words.

I will put up some other pics soon.



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