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Monster Flathead


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Hi Guys

I fished with a few mate down on the sth Coast last week and had an awesome 3 days .

We were mainly targeting Flathead as is our annual tradition at this time a year.

We all chip in and buy a few prizes the top one being a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

We landed over 150 flathead for the 3 days and I was fortunate enough to take out 1st and 2nd prize with a couple of nice fish.

The first one went 84cm


Well anyone would be happy with that fish but the one caught the next night was unbelievable.

She wasnt my longest fish but was the fattest and pulled the scales down to 6.8kg or 15 lb.

(Fish always weighed supported in net and weight of net subtracted)

Happy to say both fish were released.

Still on a buzz form this one.

A cracking few days


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I've seen them before but only up in the Northern Territory, they call them crocadiles up there :074: .

Mate what a great fishing trip you had and congrats on the 2 big girls, imagine how big they will be next year.. :thumbup:

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