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Botany Bay Saturday... Maiden voyage of my new boat


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Picked up my new boat on Tuesday and was time to take it out for some fun. Having never owned one before this was the first time i was a skipper so with the help of my experienced cousin we manage to set said without dramas and was time to catch some fish.

Headed out into the bay early... just had a variety of baits and did a few drifts from the oil drums hoping for an elusive kingie...... , was sick of getting donuts off the rocks and had to step it up bit so i bought a boat... as you do :) (crazy i know). We got a few legal sized flathead and my cousin gave me a little stick for him catching the first ever fish in my new boat... but all was good... at least we caught something. 

then headed off to see what all the other boats were doing at molineux point but not much going there so we moved near the wharf where the fuel lines are near kurnell... second cast my cousin lands a monster of a bream just on 40cm and we were stocked..... what was interesting was the kingfish that was trailing the bream as it was being reeled into the boat. got a few more flathead after that too.

So the good folk at global tackle told me that the cooks river bridge was doing ok for kingies so thought lets have a crack there...... after a few casta i managed to pull a 38cm bream too... boy the big bream were out and about today.


then it happened......


My rod which just had a cuttlefish head on it got 2 or three good nibbles then something nice latched on... i strike and think oh no could this be it.... had a few good runs and im thinking yes yes yes a kingfish..... then i see the come close to the boat and i am just dying to reef the thing in the boat but luckily my cousin was there telling me if it wants to run let it run... don't fight it just keep tension on your line. Finally its in the boat and im thinking this thing going to taste great for dinner, i measure and 63cm :( :( .....  for a wee second the mind goes its only 2cm...... but she fights to live another day and back she went. Great way to christen my boat... land my first kingfish ever !!






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Mate no better feeling than being the skipper of your own boat and a wise move taking someone experienced with you. Regardless of how many times you put it in the water you will always find different things that need to be done and that you will learn to do things your own way. You can listen to everyone who will give you advice on how things should be done , and there will be plenty of those, but for what it is worth from me listen to what they have to say and make your own decisions on what you think is best for your and your crew. 

I hope it brings you as much fun and enjoyment that I get out of my setup with my family and friends.

Stay safe out there and tight lines.

PS. happy to meet up when you are ready to share a day out on the bay. Cheers



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