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Outside Broken Bay in the southerly - Flatties


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Hey Raiders,

Headed out from Broken Bay on Sunday afternoon with the forecast indicating that the southerly was going to be blowing hard. Whilst not ideal it was the only window I had so @reel'em, my youngest launched at Bayview around 330pm. The forecast was accurate and it was pretty ugly. It was relatively slow going but we made it out to around the 48m and dropped various baits. The fishing wasn't easy as we had a northerly current, southerly wind and SE swell. We found turning the spot lock on the Minn Kota on and off was the best way to manage the drift, noting you still need to watch your lines carefully (only one horrendous braid tangle to report). Managed 7 fish between 40 and 52 cm and a few throwbacks. Headed in around 7pm with a following sea and plenty of slop. Not great conditions but overall a fun afternoon on the water and plenty of fillets for fish and chips. 




Flatties - Feb 21.jpg

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