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Cronulla beach fishing


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Gday Raiders,

With all this wind of late, haven’t been able to get out on the water, so I’ve been doing 2 hour beach sessions mostly in the evenings but also some mornings. With the beach a few minutes away I’ve been enjoying going for a quick fish with some good results.

Baits and rigs used - over the sessions.

mackerel strip baits on twin snood 7/0,

half salted pillies (cut diagonally down the centre - tip: cutting like this makes your half pillie still look like a baitfish) on twin snood 7/0.

beach worms - live, frozen and metho’d - used all three depending on what I had or was available.


Session one - landed this 60cm Aussie salmon just on dusk.
Half an hour later hooked something big - reel was screaming and almost spooled me twice. Was a good 20 minute fight - I’d gain and then line would start screaming off again. It was pitch black and the guy next to me had his flashlight pointed into the surf to try and get a glimpse of what it was. Finally got it onto the shore break… huge ray - guessing it was some sort of eagle ray as it was flapping it’s wings - about a meter wide. What a fight it put up! great fun!

session two - landed 2 tailor at just over 30cm + Some smaller ones, a small flatty and 2 x 1m shovel noses, + a tiny banjo (25cm) 

There was a beautiful sunset this day - absolutely amazing. Wife and kids came down with me.


session three - evening fish - Rainy and windy so didn’t stay long. Landed 1 x bream (deep hooked so kept) and 2 whiting. 


session four - caught a 45cm salmon (released) then a couple behind me on the beach we’re asking why I released  - said if I caught any more I’d give them one to try. Next fish was a 55cm salmon which I bled, gutted and gave to them to try out. Also caught a trevelly just over legal - which I also gave to them to try. Guy next to me caught a bronze whaler - just under 1m long - I gave him a hand and grabbed the leader to beach and then cut the line to release.

Session five - was a public holiday and beach was absolutely full with fishermen all the way up - Couldn’t find a decent gutter that wasn’t taken so headed up further - just 1 tailor. Again, the Guy next to me (different guy) caught a 1m + Bronze whaler.

session five (yesterday) - went twice in one day - wanted to get some table fish to have a bbq.

morning hooked 1 x bream and 1 x whiting.

A 35cm flatty, small whiting and a dart which were all released.

evening landed a tailor and a trevelly as well as a small flatty (thrown back) + 1 x shovel nose about a meter long + a small stingray about 25cm wide - which tagged me with its spine - only a tiny jab on the wrist. They have really good aim with that thing - even though I used a towel over the top.


took 4 fish home & Made a nice bbq dinner - stuffed with lemon and dill rubbed with olive oil. Served with garlic butter & parsley over the top



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On 1/7/2022 at 5:21 PM, GoingFishing said:

Cracking report and some cracking dinners there. Love the sunset photos

Thanks mate! The bbq’d fish turned out perfect.
Best sunset I’ve ever seen. There had been a thunderstorm half an hour earlier, which caused the cloud formation.

On 1/7/2022 at 5:24 PM, Smobaby said:

Great report top photos 

That’s mate!

On 1/7/2022 at 5:56 PM, Blackfish said:

Great detailed report and photos.

Cheers mate!

On 1/7/2022 at 7:00 PM, Little_Flatty said:

Some superb holiday fishing there. Always nice when the family can join you for a session or two.

Thanks mate, The kids & wife enjoyed the sunset - wife enjoys reeling them in… caught a big lump of seaweed - was all excited thought it was a big fish. 😂 

On 1/7/2022 at 9:17 PM, big Neil said:

Now that is a cracking report Larkin. Great detail of how, where, when, and the aftermath, thrown in too. Those sunset pics are brilliant. Top job mate, bn

Thanks Neil, I try and put a bit of info in that can help others get onto a few.

On 1/7/2022 at 8:03 PM, Yakka Eater said:

Can't get much fresher, I struggle to find gutters due to eyesight but often go with mates so it doesn't matter.

Good string of success anyhow🐟

cheers mate…must be hard when eyesight starts to go.
I’ll usually scope out the beach on a bright day from a high point with a good set of polarised glasses. The spots will usually be good for a week or two until the sands shift. 


23 hours ago, Yowie said:

Persistance paid off with feeds of fish, plus the usual pesky species.

The wind has not been pleasant recently.

Thanks yowie,

Been windy on all my days off for the last few weeks. 
some of the peskies were fun to catch!


23 hours ago, Pickles said:

Nicely done - and a great report 👍👍

Thanks pickles.

13 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Terrific sunset shot.


It was the best sunset I’ve ever seen. There had been thunderstorms an hour earlier which caused those cloud formations, then a rainbow came out followed by the super red sunset reflecting under the thunder clouds

The beach was dead flat - no waves & dead quiet. Had an eerie feel about with the red sky. Check out this photo - was like being on another planet.


12 hours ago, Rebel said:

Top report. Super photos.

Well done. Can't beat beach fishing.

Thanks rebel - always seem to catch decent sized fish this time of the year off the beach. And you get to talk to a few nice people down there as they do their walks…Always stop and want to know what you’ve been catching.

11 hours ago, jenno64 said:

Great report Larkin!

you covered plenty of beach species in those sessions and scored some good feeds!

Thanks rob, just missing that beach Jew. Did toss out a full squid and even a 30cm live tailor on one of the nights when high tide lined up with sunset. No takers though

59 minutes ago, leonardgid said:

cooked fish look sensational, bet they tasted fab also being from clean water 


Thanks mate, they cooked up really nice 👍 

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13 hours ago, ilkfish said:

Hi Larkin,

Thanks for the great report, it is a very good read .

With the salmon and tailor, did you get them in a close gutter, or did you cast far. ?


Hi ilkfish,

the spot I was fishing had a diagonal gutter coming off the rip that came right up to the shore - within meters from shore it was ~2m deep (birds were diving in there for baitfish) then a sand bar behind and a hole out further.

I got most of the tailor in close - they were munching on the baitfish. The salmon I cast out further to the hole behind. 

this formation was like that all week.

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