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What do you say when you hook a fish?


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Was watching a fishing show today (one of the many daily for the foreseeable future) and a couple of guys were arguing about what to say when you set the hook into a good fish

I hadn’t thought about it before, what are everyone’s go to phrases?

I usually default to the standard “yep!” but am also fairly keen on throwing in the odd Bill Lawry “Oh got him yes he’s gone!”

let us know yours I’m sure there’ll be a few laughs 😂

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“Yep I’m on”. The if it pulls string, “we’ll need the net on this one”.  The if I drop it.... “well there’s goes my friggin PB” 🤣🤣🤣

Its always a monster when you lose it!!! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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Dont often announce a hookup, just wind it in and dangle it in my mates face...

but if they are nibbling the bait without biting... its...

"If you really love me you will swallow that..."

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I always said fish on or I'm on but having watched a few fishing shows where people say the same thing, I try to avoid saying anything and let the drag do the talking now. It's amazing how everyone is tuned into the jigging or plastics sound and how quickly we all turn to who ever breaks that pattern when a fish is hooked.

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