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Hawkesbury River - PB Jewfish


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Last Friday arvo my family and I decided to head to a house on the Hawkesbury for the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday, and I had one goal, catch a jewfish.

Friday Night was met with success and I landed my first two jewfish, just small soapies but I was ecstatic. Saturday morning was met with success too and I landed my third and fourth jewfish (still soapies). Sunday was met with a bag of flatties and a very big jewfish lost on light gear land based. Monday was slightly less successful with one small soapie jewfish landed and a very large stingray which fought like a jewfish. Finally, Tuesday wasn’t looking destined for fish, with our checkout due for 2pm I decided to take the boat across the eastern side of bar point to use up the last few yakkas I had. After 30-45mins of no action and our checkout time creeping up on us we were about to head in when my rod buckled. After a good fight I pulled up my best jewfish to date going 65cm, it then regurgitated a few prawns which I then landed a small soapie on 😂

Ultimately it was a great trip, landing my first ever jewfish, and a bag of flatties along with a couple mud crabs Aswell. 


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1 hour ago, big Neil said:

I notice that the Jewies swim bladder is in its mouth, would this fish survive being released? I have seen tv shows where anglers puncture the swim bladder...does that help? bn

Yeah I thought it was a bit weird that the fish suffered from barotrauma especially when it was only pulled out of 8m of water, but after about 30seconds in the water she swam off well, we then stayed in that spot for another 20mins and it never floated back up to the surface. I have never heard of puncturing it to get the air out as this was my first fish I ever caught that suffered from barotrauma, but I’m pretty sure she survived.

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