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The journey to my greatest catch - a raider wedding


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This story started just over 4 years ago, I was in a low and lonely place and through a dating app I first met Amy. It took a few dates, a lot of phone conversation and me turning up to the emergency department for her in the middle of the night to win her over. Didn't take me long to know she was someone I couldn't live without 


Amy had never fished or really done any of the outdoor activities I loved to do, why? No one had ever taken the time to include her or teach her, it didn't take her long to develop a love for fishing and adventure  in a short time she has ticked off bucket list species for many anglers




Through work and family commitments we had to live separately for the first few years but always made time for each other at every opportunity, when a plan to move in together was finally hatched, I decided a proposal was in order, so in the middle of a remote set of rapids in our favourite cod fishing spot I busted out a ring and asked Amy to be "my fishing buddy forever"


Poor Amy nearly passed out from shock and surprise then screamed yes, yes yes!!!

Between then and now Amy has completed her nursing degree started working as an RN planned a wedding and still had tome for our adventures, then on March 12th she made me the luckiest man to walk the earth 




Remember Raiders fishing isn't just about the fish, it's about who you share it with!

look forward to writing up our next adventure 

cheers for reading



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What a great story Dave, thank you for sharing it with us all.

I have met you several times and really enjoyed fishing with you. Yet to meet Amy but looking forward to when I do.

I sincerely hope that you will have a long, harmonious, loving life together. There is no better feeling, for we humans, than to love and be loved by your partner, family and friends. May the love you share for each other continue to grow as the years pass.

Cheers, bn 

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Dave and Amy, I don' t post a lot on this forum but thoroughly enjoy being a part of it. I have also never met either of you but that is certainly one of the best stories I have heard of for a long time. You are obviously both very caring and genuine people.  My best wishes go to both of you for a fantastic life together and heaps of "tight lines".

Best wishes from (another) Dave


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