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1.12 Meter Kayak Jewfish


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Set off from Berowra Waters boat ramp before sunrise. The car showed the outside temperature at 4 degrees but with the sea smoke on the water it actually felt much colder.

The plan was to catch some tailor for bait on route trolling a hard body lure and then continue to the Hawkesbury River proper to fish the high water slack a little after midday. Unfortunately the tailor hadn't been briefed so I had to stop off at Joe Crafts Bay to catch some mullet on rod and line. Plenty of burley and fished with bread on a fine wire hook lightly weighted beneath a quill float. Eventually caught 4 good sized fish between 20 and 25 cm. I've attached a photograph to give some idea of the size of bait I've been fishing with. The home made live bait tank is 30 cm wide.

I've also included a picture of the double hook rig I use with these large live baits. The hooks are the (expensive!) 8/0 Mustad Big Game with no offset.

I have caught several good fish from the kayak this year whereas previous years I've gone for literally months without a big fish. This year I've been using much bigger live baits and fishing in relatively shallow water which may have made the difference.

Made it to the river before noon and began a slow flood drift. Fishing in 6 meters of water directly under the kayak with a lively mullet kept close to the bottom with a 75 gramme running sinker.

In less than 30 minutes the mullet began the dance of death before the jewfish hooked up and began running for deep water. The kayak ended up 70 meters or so wide, exposed to the breeze and in a bit of a chop and I stuffed up with the gaff for the first half dozen shots. Then the usual contortions to cut the line, open the hatch and get the fish in without going for a swim.

Photographed, bled and gutted the fish at the Twin Beaches. The stomach contained 3 bream around 12cm long in various states of digestion.

Headed back for the ramp on an early mark for a change.







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Congrats, thats a great fish. lot better than what I magaed to get yesterday, went up past crosslands in search of new crabbing spots. ended up with some mullet jumping in the kayak. What time time you go back? I saw a long white kayak coming up the river to the boat ramp at around 5/5:30 

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