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Port Stephens- You won’t believe this one!!


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G’day raiders, 

After fishing Tuesday and doing ok. Me and @Rodeohatched a plan to try get out today as the forecast for the next week looks crap and I’m off to Coffs for more kids sport! 
We got the all clear from our wives and double checked the weather. 
Forecast: 12-16 knot easterly and 1m swell. 
My mate wasn’t keen on the wind (me either) but I was going no matter what. 
Turned up to the ramp with a slight breeze, launched the boat, go around the corner and pretty much blew our hats off! Kept pushing on and steadily exited the heads and made our way to the bait grounds in pitch dark conditions. 
Found the bait hard to come by and only managed 3 livies as the first light approached. 
Made the call to head straight up to the island knowing that it was going to be a longer trip than normal and praying the wind didn’t kick up any further. 
As we approached our mark we could see fish busting up everywhere so I said, drop a livie out and we slow trolled it. Well that lasted 30 seconds and onboard comes a Mack tuna. 
Finally got to our intended drift and it was on for young and old. I’m on, he’s on, livie screaming, doubles on deck flapping around whilst we fight the live bait rod. Absolute mayhem!!! 
A few for the esky then reset the drift. Between resetting, we trolled lures and they were getting smashed too! So much fun! 
Next drift, and my mate goes I’m onto a good snaps here scratch! So I wound up and waited for him to land the fish, didn’t want the kaos of the last drift. So he plays it out and the fish went from good snaps to, o think it’s a king and the we get sight of it............. the bars don’t lie and it’s a friggen Spanish mackerel on a snapper stick. Whooooooo as the gaff goes in!!! Hi 5’s and a few choice words, then some photos and back into it. Lost another Spanish on the live rod (no wire) then the kings turned up as the sun was now getting higher in the sky! We had enough for a feed and did a little bit more trolling but called it a day and was back at the ramp by 930. 
What a cracking morning for the both of us and a day we won’t forget in a hurry! 

Thanks for reading, 

cheers scratchie!!! C081D33A-C971-4B77-B731-B477D016BEB9.thumb.png.0b72e83c995cbfee8b9d4227ec7942ab.png




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2 hours ago, Edd said:

Unreal mate great morning 

A morning to remember 🤙

1 hour ago, Rebel said:

Great report and Super photos.

Thanks mate

1 hour ago, Smobaby said:

Well done a very successful trip despite deteriorating conditions, the water is alive up there. Living in a great spot.

Cracking morning! Sometimes you’ve just gotta persevere 

1 hour ago, kingie chaser said:

Are you suprised the spanyard was caught on a snapper stick or just suprised to catch a spanyard this far down the coast because I am on the later 😲


Looks like a fun day out in Scratchie land :biggrinthumb: 

Both KC. Catching a Spanish on a plastic at Broughton Island would be a very rare club! 

1 hour ago, noelm said:

When can I expect my Spanish fillet? is it "in the mail"?

Haha! You’d have to fight my whole family first 🤣

41 minutes ago, Berleyguts said:

Another great report, Jeff! You do put in the effort! 😎 I was hoping to head out tomorrow but it looks like it’ll be blowing 17-20 knots from the NE.... and that’s the end of my holidays! 🤷‍♂️

It was supposed to blow that this morning. I just made the decision that I’m going no matter what! The island is on fire Baz, get up there! 

11 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Great report Jeff.


Thanks BN 

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Scratchie's "Believe It Or Not."  😂

Great work there Scratchie. Sounds like one of those unbelievable days, when things look crap, BUT, everything falls into place.

 Great bag of fish again, good feeds coming up, with a bonus spanish. 👍

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10 hours ago, PaddyT said:

Good stuff , one of those years when they come a long way down! staying connected when you dont have wire is the tricky bit!

Thanks Paddy. Yes pretty unbelievable he never got bitten off but it was hooked perfectly on the corner of the jaw and he maintained constant pressure. Guess you win some sometimes. Cause over the last 3 trips gees we’ve lost some good fish! 

9 hours ago, Yowie said:

Scratchie's "Believe It Or Not."  😂

Great work there Scratchie. Sounds like one of those unbelievable days, when things look crap, BUT, everything falls into place.

 Great bag of fish again, good feeds coming up, with a bonus spanish. 👍

Cheers Yowie! It was the perfect crap weather for catching fish. My ideal conditions for the island and the fish turned it on! 🤙

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3 hours ago, Brendonjohnson said:

Mate what an unreal session.

spanish are such a good looking fish 🤙

Cheers. Such a cool fish and eat so well. 

6 minutes ago, hucho hucho said:

Grat report and pictures. Thanks!

No worries 🤙

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17 minutes ago, Welster said:

So many different species you have caught at Boughton maybe a Cobia will jump on the line for you there soon. 

Thanks champ! I’ve lost so many fish in the last 3 trips too. One of them was bound to be a cobia! 😩 One day 💪

10 minutes ago, tobycb said:

Absolutely brained ‘em Scatchie.

well done again!

what water temp up your way?

regards, Toby

Thanks Toby. 23.8 degrees on the day. Hoping this N/E doesn’t roll the water over! 

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1 hour ago, GoingFishing said:

Cracking report Jeff - sounds like a dream day.

Can you send some of those fish down south to Shitney please :)

Haha! Thanks Sam. Spanish mack burgers tonight my favourite. 

50 minutes ago, GordoRetired said:

As usual you go fishing up at Broughton and later that day up go pictures of big Snapper and other by-catch. Well done. 🙂

Thanks Gordo. I do put a lot of time and effort into catching them. 

21 minutes ago, Pickles said:

Nailed ‘em again Scratchie, great report and good feed. Average weather conditions can often produce great days of fishing.

Thanks Bob. Love choppy conditions for snapper. Then obviously the other fish are competing too! Makes for a good session 🤙

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59 minutes ago, dlvbw said:

Unbelievable Jeff! So good. 

We were pretty stoked when it surfaced 

13 minutes ago, blaxland said:

Wow guess there is some warm water pushing down the coast good effort and yet another good haul of reds.

Thanks champ! Just Port Stephens turning it on! 

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That’s an awesome short session that the two of you had Jeff 

great to hear your mate picked up a Spanish Mackerel 😎, bet that went down a treat & that is they hang around for a while longer 🤞

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