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Outside Port Hacking take 2


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Gday raiders,

Decided to head out for a fish on Thursday morning.

after only catching small spikie flatheads on my last outing, thought I’d give it another go in a bit deeper water. I’ve been planning and dreaming (as we do) of getting onto the fish.

Was on the water by 6am after launching at Tonkin park ramp. No wind and the water was flat with only a small swell outside.

Cruised out past Jibbon bommie and prepared for my first drift. Drift speed was perfect - not too slow like last time, and not too fast. Conditions were just right.

Within 5mins brought up the first blue spot - just over size, and as soon as it was up my second rod was hit - a double header with 2 fish at around the 45cm mark. 

I quickly dropped a pin on navonics to mark the spot, and continued the drift. 2 mins after landing those fish, was onto another. 

I cruised back and started a second drift, making sure I followed the same tracks. As soon as I was over the same mark another fish over 45cm. Then an occy came up - this time landed. Love bbq occy 😊 

Hooked up a meter long shovel nose and a meter+ banjo in the mix on the tail end of the drift. 

after a few more passes ended up with a full bag. Largest was 48cm - all but 2 smaller ones, were over 40cm +.

There was another boat out there, I cruised over and had a chat, he was fishing a little shallower water than me - said he was only catching smaller ones, so I let him know the depth I had found the larger fish at.

Left at around 10am. 

As I was heading in thought I’d give it a go for some squid - a nice fellow was at the spot I usually try, so had a quick chat with him - said he’d just caught one and soon after hooked up a second.
After a few casts was onto two myself. Then nothing for about half an hour and then another two.

Called it a day. With a full bag ended up giving a few fish to my parents.

& My kids love battered flathead nuggets, so will be slicing up a few to freeze off. What is it with kids and nuggets though?





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8 hours ago, LuckyFil said:

wow a very productive day and the wind we've had all week was gone too so would have been very pleasant fishing

👍 thanks 

I had been watching the swell and wind for a few days and Thursday morn looked the goods. 

8 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice bag of fish mate, well done.

Thanks Isaac 👍

was good to get a few this time

7 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

A very productive outing.

👍 thanks

Gotta keep trying - and learning. Reading fish raider reports been a great help.

7 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great report, well done. Super photos.

👍 cheers

I try and take a few photos on the fly when I’m landing fish - A bit hard sometimes when your by yourself. 

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7 hours ago, hookerbruce said:

Nice work . Quite often you only need to fish 5 m deeper to find the bigger fish. 
Had a look at the ocean yesterday and was surprised how flat it looked.

🙏 thanks

always learning mate. 
it’s always nice when you get to the ramp and the water is flat.


3 hours ago, Restyle said:

Very nice haul of flatties, the occy would be a treat aswell. Good effort!


I always Crave the grilled occy with lemon. 

3 hours ago, Crabstar said:

Top job mate!

👍 thanks mate. Was just a matter of time I landed a few

3 hours ago, leonardgid said:

very nice    catch ,  

Thanks 🙏 

1 hour ago, saltrix said:

Good catch and interesting report. Like you I find the fish are in patches and it pays to go over that area again.

Thanks 🙏

Looking at my tracks and marks, the big ones were mainly caught in a 100-150m patch

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1 hour ago, jenno64 said:

Great report and well done on getting a mixed bag. Nice of the squid fisho to help you out too !

thanks mate 🙏

I had tried that squid spot for the last few weeks and nothing. Looks like some squid about again. 

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1 hour ago, Yowie said:

Nice bag of flatties and other soft critters. 🤣

Just moving out a bit further does help at times.

Cheers Mate 🙏 

Thanks for the tip last week. 

a few of the flattys were in roe, must be coming up to spawning time.


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